Funding Update for Unity Lutheran Christian Elementary School

In order for students to attend our mission school, each family is eligible for financial aid, depending on income. Every family pays tuition; every family receives financial aid. Financial aid is provided through our Belong To Jesus Scholarship Fund. Donations are made through our Annual Fund Drive and Share In The Miracle Dinners.

Parent Tuition and Fees $270,000 22%
Congregations Support $38,000 4%
Corporations $10,000 1%
Donations from Individuals $462,000 48%
Grant Income $65,000 7%
Thrivent $39,000 4%
Other Income $95,000 8%
Total $979,500 100%

Donations can be made to Belong To Jesus Scholarship Fund by credit card or electronic check. Or please contact the Principal, Rev. Aaron Dickerson, at [email protected] (click here) about donations.

See a list of companies that might match a donation.